Here at Global Legacy Network (GLN), we hold a deep appreciation for humanity and prioritize servant leadership. Our unwavering belief is that service remains the primary avenue through which we can enhance humanity’s well-being. We highly esteem contributions and are committed to acting within legal and moral boundaries to alleviate suffering and safeguard human value and existence. Our stance is firmly in favor of any service that benefits fellow human beings. Additionally, we recognize personal responsibility as a foundational prerequisite for growth and advancement in the entrepreneurial realm. To fulfill our mission, we remain dedicated to lifelong character development, competence enhancement, and capacity building. We cherish teamwork, uphold compliance at all levels, and maintain an unyielding resolve never to give up. 


We are a global family of business leaders having great and selfless dreams with a strong desire to impact, influence and transform our world for good beyond our life time.

Vision 2035

Produce over 5000 legal, moral and ethical multi-millionaires in USD across all the continents, who own assets that are producing a cashflow of at least 10.000 USD in at least 50 countries.

Mission Statement

To build a network of professional network marketers who are making much passive income and cashflow through network marketing and channeling it wisely for the service of generations through a unique higher cause and purpose.


Awaken the Leader within you

take advantage of our Leadership and entrepreneurship trainings to unleash your potential.


Do you want to make a big leap in your results? Do you want to reinitiate results in your business? Unlock Your Potential: Rise Above Stagnation; Join us our at “Escape”, our exclusive annual business and leadership program, awaits you every October. Designed exclusively for GLN members, it’s a transformative experience that ignites inspiration and unlocks boundless potential within our community. Limited spots are available for non-members—seize this opportunity!

Business and Leadership School (BLS)

Are you short of money to fund your dreams?  Have you been working for many years and yet are behind in your bills? Are you always battling with unpaid bills? In fact, are you currently in debts?  Do you want to make and extra income in addition to what you are currently making? Do you have dreams to do business but don’t know how to start?  Do you want free business coaching? Do you want to build your retirement business? Then our Business and Leadership School, BLS, is for you. We teach you how to build a business from scratch(idea) to profitability, so that you can fund your dreams. We also offer free business coaching and mentorship.

Leadershift Program (LSP)

At GLN, we firmly believe that the market is the cornerstone of every successful enterprise. It serves as the bedrock upon which all other business processes rely. Our vision extends beyond mere profit-sharing; we champion the idea that those who create well-organized markets for select enterprises should reap rewards proportionate to their impact. These rewards often surpass those earned by the founders themselves. Our ultimate mission is to empower you in building your own market asset—an asset capable of generating substantial returns over many years. Think of it as an enduring legacy, an organization that can be passed down through generations. This transformative journey begins with our Leader-Ship Program (LSP), which commences when you choose to embark on our Pro Certification Program (PCP). Join us as we navigate the seas of opportunity and chart a course toward lasting prosperity.